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Новогодние идеи.

Diy table decor. Upside down wine glasses w! Christmas ornaments and top with candles:

19 Stunning Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas | Christmas Celebrations:

Ik heb vast nog wel wat 'onke'  glazen.:

Christmas Decorating (like they do in the magazines) | Redhead Can DecorateRedhead Can Decorate:

Franciskas Vakre Verden:

Op deze eenvoudige manier heb je snel de kerstsfeer in huis.:

Light- I love it <3:

I need to do these!!!! But make them to represent places we have been or experiences ...would love it:

Leuk everything but the tacky bling on the glass:

kerstsfeer in een lantaarn:

ac62edf02ae2cb6c91c0ba24e1a2fde7.jpg 1,200×1,600 pixels:

25 Breathtaking Indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas:

Since I have all these photos already, and no one has seen them, I couldn't just let them sit in my computer, right? Especially since the...:

If I don't paint my coffee table, something like this might be nice as a topper w/ the red accents.:

Coffee Table Christmas Decor:

Christmas Table Centerpieces  .Christmas Around The WorldStunning Christmas Centerpiece Ideas:
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  • Натюрморт.

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    Художник Юон Константин Федорович. "День Благовещения" 1922

  • Портрет.

    А.М. Герасимов. Портрет балерины О.В. Лепешинской, 1939. Ольга Лепешинская (1916-2008) Советская артистка балета, балетный педагог,…

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