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Оранжевый цвет.

Тыквенный декор: какие оригинальные композиции сделать из тыквы, с тыквой?

в  цветах:   Бежевый, Оранжевый, Светло-серый, Темно-коричневый, Черный.  в  .

fall weddings

beautiful autumn porch decorations | Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas | Autumn Porch Decorating Ideas - Bing ...

Дом рукоделия. Handmade, дизайн и декор

Use faux-floral stems for a flower arrangement that will last all the way through the chilly days of Fall and Winter and straight into Spring. #hobby_lobby_fall_decor

Pinecone hangers.   Catalog/website was sold out so I made my own. (Super long pine cones from craft store's Christmas decorations. Stretch out a wire hanger & clip off opposite end from hook & stick thru styro. ball & bend up the bottom part into a hook.

Outside Fall Decorations | Simple outdoor urns Fall Decor .... | Holiday Ideas                                                                                                                                                                                 More
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