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Власть цветов "Старых мастеров".

Eijffinger Masterpiece Wallpower 358111 Dutch Masters cream frame
Wallpaper WonderWall studio. Bloom Wallpaper.
Текстурированные виниловые обои на нетканой основе.
New Floral Wallpaper

idee papier peint salon moderne

Papel de Parede Floral de Diana Watson


'Spring' Mural - The Royal Academy of Arts, from £60 at

'A Vase of Flowers with a Watch' Mural - Ashmolean Museum from £60 | Shop Prints & Wall Murals at

Fleurre wallpaper/mural

'A Vase of Flowers with a Watch' Framed Print - Ashmolean Museum | Shop Cushions & bespoke Wall Murals at

lovely wall out of the box                                                                                                                                                                                 More

'A Vase of Flowers with Berries and Insects' Mural - Ashmolean Museum | Shop Cushions & bespoke Wall Murals at

How to achieve the dark wall look with ease! This art wallpaper mural showcases de Heem's Vase of Flowers, giving your home a touch of art history as well as elegance. Pair with dark textiles and glimmers of gold for a truly decadent feel.
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  • Павлин.

    de Savoie Peacock, Breviary of Marie de Savoie

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