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Ёлочные украшения от дизайнера Patricia Breen.

Patricia Breen Resplendent Santa, Firebirds 2011
Ёлочные  украшения от дизайнера  Patricia Breen.

Milaeger's Christmas Exclusive - Kris Klaus by Patricia Breen.
Patricia Breen Nicholas Red Chinoiserie 2012
On The Charles Russian Fable  Neiman Marcus Online  Patricia BreenPirouette Reflector Russian Fable  Neiman Marcus online  Patricia Breen

2013 Milaeger's Christmas Exclusive - Santa for David in Blue by Patricia Breen.
Good Saint Nicholas, Gingerbread  Neiman Marcus Online.
Patricia Breen Dazzling Claus Black   2012
2013 Milaeger's Christmas Exclusive - Santa for David in Gold by Patricia Breen.Beeskep With Bee :: Patricia Breen Ornaments
Black Feather Tree with Patricia Breen ornaments - how many Santas do you recognize?
night magic from patricia breen
Patricia Breen, Great Woods Claus, Holly 2013
 Patricia Breen.
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