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Пасхальные идеи.

Karin Lidbeck: Flower Show Centerpiece: Styling An Easter Table

Easter centerpiece


I love the white tulips with blue hyacinths. They are very elegant looking!  Flowers make me happy!

Garden Picture

Blue and white...

Combine Tete-a-Tete daffodils with pussy willow branches for an instant spring garden.

daffodils pussy willow

Green Floral Arrangement with pussy willows

#narcissus #hyacinth

Tulips are my favorite and anything out of the woods makes me happy. Love the vibrant green and spring rush it evokes

‫pussy willows in short vase

Karin Lidbeck: Easter Style

Lovely Easter

flower arrangement flower arrangement

Karin Lidbeck: Simple and Easy How tos on Decorating Eggs

white tulips and pussy willow branches

Easter Centerpiece

This spring centerpiece contains one bundle of pussy willows from Sams Club,  two bouquets of white tulips  from the grocery store and one small storage basket from Target.
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