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beautiful fruits and flowers:

GORGEOUS fall cake:

Chocolate cake topped with gold:

Recipe for "Floating Star Martini" - looks gorgeous for a chic & intimate Fall party:

Autumn Leaves in Chocolate- A free blog tutorial!:


thanksgiving/fall treats:

the Country house - La Bastide de Marie: charm in Luberon:

antique french confit pot from the south of France:

fruit & floral arrangement:

Autumn Decorations:

Fall Centerpiece:

Photography by Katsphotos:

autumn leaves cookies:

FALL RECIPE Crispy Leaf Cookies:

Twine Wrapped Wine Bottles:

Gallery & Inspiration  .... ♥♥ ....:

Caramel Apple-Cherry Pie:



the pink clutch ...: Blue + White = Bliss:

A festive and fruity tabletop:

Simple fall decor project for your home. A step-by-step tutorial to create a 5 minute fall centerpiece for less than $10:

beautiful fruits and flowers:

My inner landscape  ...♥♥ ....:

apples and apple cider:
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