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Новогодние идеи.

Holiday Lane Set of 3 Peacock Bird Ornaments - Holiday Lane - Macy's:

peacock feathers!:

peacock wedding:

Hand painted Peacock Feather on glass ornaments.:

@Jessica Olson Gibson look at  This gorgeous butterfly hair clip was made using 4 small lightly trimmed peacock feathers and 3 teal blue crystal beads. It can be worn many different ways in the hair or clipped on whatever you would like. It is approx. 5" wide by 2.5" tall and fits securely in hair with a 1" alligator clip:

Peacock Feather Ornaments

peacock wreath:

Love this peacock wreath:

Peacock!!! LOVE!!:

wreath with peacock feathers:

DIY peacock feather ornament with beads:

Elegant Santa/Wizard, Beautiful Peacock Feathers, Teal & Lime Green Christmas Wreath, Christmas Ornaments -- FREE SHIPPING. $183.00, via Etsy.:


Peacock Wreath via Etsy. Eventually I will be doing an all peacock Christmas tree & decor. This is an idea to keep in mind.:
Peacock Ornaments:

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