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Feeding The Chickens by Walter Frederick Osborne (1859 – 1903, Irish):
Mrs. Chadwyck-Healey And Her Daughter

У меня жила.
Ах, какая умная
Курица была!

Шила мне кафтаны,
Шила сапоги,
Сладкие, румяные
Пекла мне пироги.

А когда управится,
Сядет у ворот -
Сказочку расскажет,
Песенку споёт.
Корней Чуковский.

Feeding Chicks.  Artist?:
Feeding Chicks.

Feeding chicks Jacob Maris - 1866:
Feeding chicks Jacob Maris - 1866
Vintage children's book illustration of a young girl feeding chickens.:
Девочка кормит кур.

Girl Feeding Her Chickens - Allan R. Banks:
Девочка кормит кур - Аллан Р. Бэнкс

Grandma Feeding The Chickens ~ Paula Vaughan:
Grandma Feeding The Chickens ~ Paula Vaughan
Jessie Wilcox Smith:
Jessie Wilcox Smith

Old illustration, girl feeding chickens @Kerry Eady:

"La provende des poules" (Feeding hens), by Louis Pierre Verwee (1807-1877):
Louis Pierre Verwee (1807-1877)

A Kindred Spirit ❤ I'd like to print this out and decoupage it onto some crate wood or an old plank and stress it out. How pretty:

Henry Herbert LaThangue:
Henry Herbert LaThangue
book illustration by Milo Winter, 1921 | eBay  Bird's Eye View of the Katydid
book illustration by Milo Winter, 1921

Albert Samuel Anker (1831 – 1910, Swiss)--Girl Feeding Chickens:
Albert Samuel Anker (1831 – 1910, Swiss)--Girl Feeding Chickens

Julien Dupre - In The Farmyard:
Julien Dupre - In The Farmyard

Julien Dupre, Feeding Time:
Julien Dupre, Feeding Time

Константин Разумов | Берег детства.... Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников:
Константин Разумовю  Берег детства..
The Farm Life..Painting:

Feeding the Chickens -  Farm Wife Art on 6" ceramic tile..:

Girl feeding chickens:

Caring For Chicks / Nutrition / Old Fashioned Remedies:
Caring For Chicks

1870 Hans Thoma (German; 1839-1924) ~ 'Mädchen beim Hünerfüttern':
1870 Hans Thoma (German; 1839-1924) ~ 'Mädchen beim Hünerfüttern'

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